I’ve been a Realtor in the East Bay for many years – more than I care to remember sometimes. I’ve always covered a fairly large area, having started in the business in Berkeley but now living in Lafayette and with my office in Walnut Creek.

When the real estate crisis began in 2007, I added work with foreclosures to my repertoire – something which has led me to further expand my professional world since the banks will send you just about as far afield as you are willing to go. Now any given day may find me anywhere from Hayward to Brentwood, Livermore to Crockett and anyplace in between.

I generally don’t have time for a leisurely lunch but I avoid corporate fast food whenever possible, preferring the local, the modest and the obscure.

For me lunch is not just a meal – it’s often the only break I get in a long and wearing work day, so, while the quality of the food is important to me, sometimes the friendliness of the staff and the comfort of the restaurant matters almost as much.

For years I’ve been reading food blogs and have been especially impressed by a number of SoCal blogs. (See the blogroll for some of the best.) Since I often have my camera with me in my travels (I am frequently called upon to photograph particular properties for my clients.) I thought that trying something similar for the East Bay would be a good idea.

So, here we are.

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