Still Here, But…

OK, so I’ve been neglectful.

The problem is that I had such a great time over the holidays, I didn’t do any posting – just working, hanging out and, it seems like, non-stop eating.  I initially figured that my New Year’s resolution was going to be blogging regularly again, but when I got on the scale on January 2nd, I realized that a detour was necessary.

And so… since then I’ve been on a diet.  And for another 3 weeks yet, no banh mi, no burritos, no pizza, no Hawaiian bbq… well – you get the point.

Instead, it’s stuff like this (today’s lunch):


Honestly, it’s not as bad as it looks – in another week or two I might even get used to it.
I do have a post from last month that I will probably get organized enough to finish shortly, but otherwise I’m continuing to try to ignore real food for the next few weeks. After that… everything (in moderation). Stay tuned.

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